Dear Colleagues and Distinguished Guests, Prof. Guiqiang Wang

On behalf the Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to join the APASL STC 2018, which will be held on 6 - 8 December 2018 in Beijing,China.
As an influential and responsible academic association,APASL always promotes research and education in hepatology and focuses on combat-ing liver diseases.The APASL Single Topic Conference (STC) is dedicate to the advancement of liver diseases treatment in Asian-Pacific countries and provide an excellent communication platform for global and regional hepatologists. The theme of this conference is “Enhancing Knowledge for Better Patient Care”. Currently, chronic HBV infection remains a serious public health problem due to its worldwide distribution and potential severe outcomes, particularly in the Asian-Pacific region. In the last two decades, with the effort of researchers and clinicians, great progresses in this field have been made. The most up-to-date findings from the translational medicine to the clinical management of viral hepatitis B infection, including prevention and control, novel targets and drug discovery, biomarkers and diagnosis, and the treatment guidelines will be discussed. The experts will bring their didactic lectures to join together and make this conference an unforgettable academic event.
For APASL, China is a major centre for basic and clinical research of liver diseases. We are therefore delighted to host 2016 APASL STC in Beijing, the capital of China and an international hub that connecting China and the world. We believe that extensive discussions and wonderful experience will be shared between Chinese doctors and international colleagues.
Prof. Guiqiang Wang
Congress Chairman